Post Press


Post Press

Apart from handling printing, we have the expertise for UV varnishing, gilt edge, die cutting, hot stamping, shrink wrapping, poly bagging, envelope inserting, laser cutting.

Binding services include saddle stitching, hot melt perfect binding, PUR perfect binding, thread sewing, thin case, normal case, mini case, wire-o case, flexi case, plastic case and wire-o binding. 

PUR Binding

The Main Benefits of PUR Binding include…

1) PUR has superior flexibility, which prevents the spine from cracking when the book is opened wide or pressed down flat.

2) Compared to EVA adhesive, PUR offers 40% to 60% better resistance to page pull-out. In fact, it is nearly impossible to pull a page out of a book bound with PUR adhesive.

3) PUR can adhere to a wide variety of substrates, including ink, varnish, recycled paper, mylar, and UV-coated or aqueous-coated stock.

4) PUR's performance and structural integrity is unaffected by extreme cold or hot environments (-40° to 200° Fahrenheit).

5) Because PUR is so strong and pliable, less adhesive is needed to firmly bind the cover and pages. Less glue means less distortion of the spine's shape, resulting in a crisp, square appearance…even on thinner books.