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  • About Us

    Established in 1987

    United Graphic specialises in Colour Seperation, Design,

    Printing and Large Format/Signages in Singapore.

    Our clientale includes publishers, printing press

    and ad agencies and construction companies.

  • What We Do

    We assure you the best services and quality in our products.

    Range of services include, Pre and Post Press Services, Wet Proofing, De-Screening,

    Design, Color Retouch, DTP, Lightbox Signages, Large Format Print & Installation.

    Color/Photo Retouch

    Rejuvenate your Colours

    You would be engaging a team of professionals who excel in utilising a comprehensive set of professional photo editing tools to provide image treatment, image optimisation and colour retouching.

    Graphic Design

    A Whole New World

    Of Creativity

    We transmute your ideas into imaginative colour schemes and fashionable layout and utilise

    exceptional graphic design to give a supreme balance of creativity, clarity and impact.


    One-Stop Printing Solutions

    We specialise in Brochures, Magazines, Books, Annual Reports, Catalogues,

    Flyers & Leaflets Printing, Business Cards, Posters, Large Format, Banners.

    Our Digital Printing is well calibrated to meet ISO Standard and regularly maintained by our professional IT department.


    Light Box

    Light Box and Signages

    We manufacture light box and signages according to your brand's needs, be it steel, aluminium or acrylic.

    Reaching Heights

    Solutions Provider

    From BCA submissions, PE endorsements to use of Boom Lift and Scissors Lift, we are proficient in providing solutions to any of your project requirements.

    Large Format

    Where Quality

    Meets Perfection

    We ensure quality when it comes to Large format printing and installation, which is why we are able to provide warranty on all our deliverables.


    Size Matters

    Regardless of size, we are able to customise signages to portray your brand's or campaign's message.

    Pre Press

    A Comprehensive Variety

    of Pre-Press Services

    We have a wealth of experience in providing pre-press services, which include Scanning,

    De-Screening, Desktop Publishing, File Check and more.


    Leader In The Industry

    We are one of the leading professional colour separation companies providing our expertise on Wet Offset Printing service in Singapore.

    Post Press

    Post-Press Services You Need

    We also provide a wide range of post-press services, which includes Hot & Cold Lamination,

    Hot & Cold Stamping, Binding, Stitching, Spot UV and more.

  • Why UG

    Emphasis on Intellectual Property Protection

    Strict Intellectual Property Protection Procedures

    Singapore is a great location for publishers, with its strong Intellectual Property Framework in place. United Graphic builds on this high level of confidence and places great effort in our daily operations to protect your rights and interests.

    Wealth of Experience

    You Can Count On Us to Deliver

    Answering the growing need for process stability and quality assurance in digital printing, we align all our products to meet the latest Fogra Digital Printing Standard (ISO 15311).


    Rest assured you'll be enjoying competitive rates in the market for the high level of commitment and quality in the team you'd be engaging.

  • Testimonials

    "Thank you and your team for focusing on this title. It is a very high-profile and important title, with a large print run."

    Donna McCarthy - a long-standing client relationship from the US for over 19 years

    "UG did a fantastic job matching the color chips!"

    Barbara States - a long-standing client relationship from the US for over 15 years

    "The test proof supplied by UG was beautifully done."

    Ui Chin - a long-standing client relationship from Singapore for over 29 years

    "Great, you have exceeded our expectations!"

    Christine Ni - a new client from UK since April '16

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + Us = AWESOME.

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    Singapore 348743
    Head Office
    Mon- Fri | 8:30am to 6:00pm

    Production Team
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